Green Plant

Personal Responsibility

Our manufacturing process is based on the best available techniques (BAT).

We hold a ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016 Environmental Protection Management Certificate. At Toyota, protecting the natural world is an integral part of the production process and all of our everyday tasks.

The words Green Factory mean much more than ecological production and green, eco-friendly automobiles. We are aware that environmental protection is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Because of that, we are committed to educating our workforce. Most ecological activities are organized during the Green Month.

We sort waste and implement energy-saving solutions. We support renewable energy sources and buy green electricity.

We hold a ČSN EN ISO 50001:2019 Energy Management Certificate for Car Manufacturing.

We continue to optimize and increase the efficiency of technologies with a view to improving key environmental indicators, such as the consumption of energy, water, and materials, waste production, and others.

In line with our long-term dedication to Toyota being perceived as a Green Factory, we understand that a responsible and considerate attitude to the environment is a duty that each person must undertake individually. The protection of the environment and natural resources is an integral part of everything we do.

We are a Green Factory. We rely on a number of concepts to warrant this designation.

We save water and run our own wastewater treatment plant.

We minimize the amount of pollution released into the air, both emissions from production and emissions from our products.

We continue reducing the level of noise produced by our manufacturing facility.

We save electricity, gas, and water.

We recycle waste. The manufacturing process is designed to minimize waste.